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    Brahmatal Trek Itinerary: The Perfect Trek To Unwind Your Soul

    After taking some time off for a week, I returned to my office. However, this time, something felt weird. I was not able to focus on work. For the first time, I had an existential crisis at my workplace and kept asking myself questions like these: “Where am I? “What am I doing here? “Was I in a dream last week?” It took me almost a week to familiarise myself with my workplace surrounding. As my first-ever Himalayan expedition, the Brahmatal trek profoundly impacted me, unlike any other trip that…

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    Goechala trek itinerary: A guide to India’s best ‘mountain’ trek

    We woke up at 3 am. It was pitch dark and cold. We got ready as we had black tea and layered ourselves for the trek’s highest point. With nightlamps across our foreheads, we started walking towards our destination in a line. A trek leader led us at the front and another at the back. It wasn’t easy as cold winds were blowing against our faces. But we kept going because all of us signed up for this trek to witness this mesmerising sight that lay ahead in front of…

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    Kumara Parvatha trek guide: Everything you should know

    Would you like to challenge yourself as a trekker in the Himalayas but without actually going to the Himalayas? If so, Kumara Parvatha is a trek in South India that you shouldn’t miss out. In fact, if you plan to trek in the Himalayas, do this trek before to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Standing at 5,617 ft, Kumara Parvatha (also known as Pushpagiri) is the fourth highest peak in Karnataka and probably the most challenging trek I’ve undertaken as a trekker in the Western Ghats. Thick forests, open grasslands…

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    5 best places to visit in Chikmagalur in 2 days

    Did you know that Chikmagalur, a small hill station in Karnataka, is responsible for bringing the coffee revolution to India? A Sufi saint called Baba Budan smuggled coffee beans from Persia in the 16th century and planted them in his garden here in Chikmagalur. Since then, Chikmagalur has been known as the coffee capital of not only Karnataka but also India before the coffee cultivations started spreading to other parts of the country. But Chikmagalur has a lot more to offer than just coffee. It is a paradise for nature…

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    Meesapulimala trek: A delightful trek to Kerala’s second highest peak

    “Have you seen snowfall in Meesapulimala?” Charlie asks Kani who is about to commit suicide. It is a dialogue from the famous Malayalam movie ‘Charlie’ released in 2015. Ever since the release of this movie, Meesapulimala became an overnight sensation, and there was one more reason to visit Munnar now. The Meesapulimala peak is the second highest peak in Kerala, located in Munnar along the borders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is named so as one of the peaks in Meesapulimala resembles the whiskers of a tiger. The Meesapulimala…

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    Agasthyakoodam Trekking: How To Have A Successful First Trek?

    I covered a total of 48 km by foot in two days under challenging terrains and weather conditions. It was a personal record, and by the end of the trek, my legs had become jellylike. The struggle was real, but it was completely worth it because the experience I had in those two days was adventurous, to say the least. The Agasthyakoodam trek is arguably one of the most challenging treks to undertake in Kerala. Standing at the height of 1,868 metres, the Agasthyakoodam peak (or the Agasthyarkoodam peak) is…

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    7 places to visit in Rameshwaram for a memorable trip

    How often do you hear water sports, ghost towns and mythology in the same line? Not so often, right? Well, these are exactly what comes to my mind when I think about Rameshwaram. A famous temple town located in Tamil Nadu, Rameshwaram is an important pilgrimage centre for the Hindu religion, much like Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh and attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. However, Rameshwaram is anything but a temple town. From white beaches to turquoise-blue waters to ruined buildings, Rameshwaram is perfect for anyone who leaves beaches and…