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    10 Unique Places To Visit in Dalhousie: Better Than Manali?

    What is common between Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose and Rudyard Kipling? All of them had a common love for the peaceful climate and pleasant atmosphere of Dalhousie and spend quite some time here when it was under the control of the British empire. While Dalhousie has changed a lot since then, it still exudes an old-world charm with Victorian-style mansions surrounded by deodar and pine forests and the snow-capped Himalayas in the background.  It is also home to the mini ‘Switzerland of India’, has a thriving Tibetan culture and…

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    5 Stunning Places To Visit In Gokarna In 2 Days: An Epic Guide

    ‘Let’s plan a trip to Goa.’ You have either said this statement or heard someone in your group mention it. It is probably one of the most used travel quotes in India. And it makes complete sense because Goa is the ultimate travel destination in India when it comes to beaches, partying and adventure sports. But on the flipside, Goa has also become one of the most hyped, commercial and overrated Indian travel destinations.  And if you’re anything like me, you would rather visit a place that offers all the…

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    Kudremukh trek guide: The best rolling hills you’ll ever see

    Would you like to experience an adventurous trek which has the best rolling green hills you’ll ever see, get engulfed in clouds and mist and walk through an evergreen forest full of water streams? Then you must try the Kudremukh trek. Known as the mini ‘Scotland of India‘, the Kudremukh trek is one of the best treks in Karnataka that exposes you to diverse natural sceneries and landscapes within the Kudremukh National Park.  It is also home to the third-highest peak in Karnataka and the best part is that you can…

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    Gandikota Canyon: The Ultimate Guide to India’s Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon in the USA is one of the top attractions in the world that attracts thousands of tourists every year. But did you know India has its Grand Canyon with an intriguing history and geography? Known as the Grand Canyon of India, the Gandikota Canyon is a gorge carved by the Penna River in Andhra Pradesh. A gorge is a valley formed by the erosion of rocks due to the river flowing through the rocks over centuries, eventually cutting it and creating a path of its own. This…

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    11 Best Places To Visit In Araku Valley (+Vizag): A Hidden Gem

    I went for a solo trip to this little-known hill station lying on the southeastern coast of India. As I hadn’t heard much about this place before, I didn’t have much expectation. However, after the trip, I realised how underappreciated this place was.  It blew my mind how this scenic hill station hasn’t been covered or talked about much among the traveller community in India, even today. And hence, I would like to give you an introduction to Araku Valley, also known as the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh. Famous for…

  • meesapulimala kolukkumalai
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    Kolukkumalai Peak: Experience the best sunrise in South India

    After travelling continuously for close to a day, I took a shower to freshen up and re-energise myself. As I came out, all I could see were tea plantations covering every inch of the earth surrounding me. I tried to see the farthest I could to spot something different, but the scenery was monotonous. I was in the middle of a gigantic tea plantation spread across hundreds of acres of land and surrounded by tall, intimidating mountains. It is one of the many experiences you will have while staying in…

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    10 Best Places To Visit In Valparai That’ll Take Your Breath Away

    After driving for close to five hours, we reached our destination at noon. It was a hill station not very far from Coimbatore. However, the first time I got out of our car to get a view of the landscapes in front of me, I had a deja vu moment. The tea gardens here, surrounded by tall mountains covered in fog, reminded me of Munnar (the famous hill station in Kerala). Yet, this place was different. There was hardly any soul here, unlike Munnar, which has become commercialised over the…

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    Couchsurfing in India review: The best way to travel solo

    After visiting Malpe beach in Udupi in the evening, it was time to take a bus to Mangalore. It was the final leg of my one-week solo trip across coastal Karnataka. Being a spontaneous trip, I didn’t make any hotel bookings in advance. And so, while I was on the bus, I decided to try my luck and found a host in Mangalore. He was renting his apartment for free on Couchsurfing. After spending two days with my host, it was time to leave Mangalore. I got emotional because my…

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    The‌ ‌Dummies’‌ ‌Guide‌ ‌to‌ ‌Voluntourism‌ ‌in‌ ‌India‌

    The show turned out to be excellent. All the circus entertainers shone through with their acrobatic and fire-handling skills. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. The European circus show was a sweet reward for our efforts to ensure it went as planned. Together with my fellow volunteers, we were instrumental in cleaning the area, setting up the stage and organising the circus show. We worked daily for close to a month to make the circus show a reality. My time in Goa had also come to a…

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    5 Amazing Things To Do In Munroe Island: India’s Hidden Venice

    While you read this article, a tiny island in Kerala is sinking by the hour. It will submerge in water by 2050, according to experts.  If it happens, it’ll be devastating as I consider it one of Kerala’s jewels that can give any other tourist destination in ‘God’s Own Country’ a run for their money. I’m talking about Munroe Island.  It is a highly underrated and unexplored tourist destination in Kerala, known for its backwaters like Alleppey but without the crowds. While Alleppey is famous as the Venice of India,…